Increase Testosterone Naturally?


Here’s How To Triple Your Testosterone
The Completely Natural Way

Testosterone makes us men. It is the most important hormone in our body; it drives us to achieve greatness, build muscle and compels us to win.

A high level of testosterone in males in directly linked to a multitude of positive attributes such as: lean muscle, improved sleep, better sex, improved sperm count, a decrease in stress, a healthier heart, stronger bones and clearer skin among many others.

However, most men have low, deficient testosterone levels. Just look around you next time you’re out and notice how many men have some of these symptoms:

  • Overweight
  • Bad posture
  • Bags under their eyes
  • Look stressed and panicked
  • No muscle definition

All of the above are signs of low testosterone levels, notice any you can see in yourself?

Although I don’t know you personally it is safe to say that you most likely are a sufferer of low testosterone production and particularly low levels of free testosterone.

Here is a quick self-examination you can do to find out. Ask yourself the following questions and be brutally honest with the answers.

1. When you look down in the shower can you see your genitals or does a belly hide them?

2. When you wake up in the morning do you feel well rested and full of energy?

3. Can you make it through the day easily without stimulants like caffeine?

4. Is your sex drive and libido as high as it used to be?  

5. Do you have lean, solid muscle on your body?

6. Do you eat a diet packed full of nutrients and healthy fats?

If you answered no to any of these questions it is a good indication that your body is not operating at its hormonal peak.

This is fine because now you have admitted it you can start strategically transforming yourself into a smarter, fitter and more energized version of yourself.

Before we get into the secret strategies you will be implementing to Naturally Triple Your Testosterone it is important that you understand how testosterone is made.

Knowing the science behind the process of testosterone production will make it easier for you to understand why you will be undergoing certain protocols during this program.

However if you don’t care and really just want to dive into the strategies that you can start implementing today, feel free to jump ahead.

Understanding Testosterone

Before starting the strategies in this article it is important to understand as much as you can about this hormone. This section will examine where testosterone is made, the various different types of testosterone that are produced in the body and the role each of them plays.

Where is Testosterone Created?

Before you started to read this you can probably guess where testosterone is produced? If you guessed the testicles you would be about 95% correct. The vast majority of testosterone is made up in our testicles, the remaining 5% or so is produced in the adrenal glands which are on top of our kidneys.

The importance of understanding how and where testosterone is produced means that you will be able to clearly see the connections between this section and the strategies you will be using to improve your Test levels.

What follows now is a simplified and easy to understand rundown of the incredibly complex process that takes place within the body to create testosterone.

1. Surprise, surprise it all starts in the brain. A reaction occurs in the brain when the body states (through the hypothalamus) that it needs more testosterone.  When these messages are sent it starts the secretion of the hormone Gonadotropin-releasing Hormone. This hormone travels over to the pituitary gland in the back of our brain and begins the next step in the process.

2. When these signals arrive our pituitary gland starts to produce to the two following hormones as a response:

Follicle-stimulating Hormone

Luteinizing Hormone

These hormones (FSH and LH) now need to travel all the way down to the testicles and they do this by jumping into the bloodstream and going for a ride.  

3. When FSH and LH jump off the bloodstream express at the testicles two different activities take place:

The Follicle-stimulating Hormone begins the process of sperm production and The Luteinizing Hormone tells our testicles to produce more testosterone

5. This is where it gets really interesting…the LH told our testicles to produce more testosterone by stimulating your Leydig cells and these cells (once stimulated) take cholesterol from the body and convert it into testosterone.

Cholesterol that is in your blood is absorbed by the Ledwig cells and this is what they need to create testosterone. That should give you a clue as to one way that you can naturally increase your testosterone production, but we will cover that later.

6. Now the testosterone has been produced it enters our bloodstream where it can work all its hormonal magic. The majority of testosterone attaches itself to different proteins (discussed in the next section) but the testosterone that doesn’t attach itself remains free and is ingeniously called ‘free testosterone’.

And that is a simplified version of what happens when your body signals that it needs more testosterone.

This article will teach you the ways in which you can increase your free testosterone and reap all the benefits associated with this increase.

Types of Testosterone

Now you know the general, albeit simplified, version of how testosterone is made we will get into the different types of testosterone. Knowing that different make-ups of testosterone exist will help you understand how to manipulate them.

Free Testosterone

The name for this type of testosterone comes from its non-attachment to any proteins in the body; rather than binding to a protein it simply floats along ready to bind itself to active receptors and work its magic.

Free testosterone is the Super Bowl of the testosterone family, the main event, the granddaddy of the family.

Sadly though the body doesn’t produce much of it. Normally your body will produce less than 5%, of free testosterone however this can be sharply increased through the correct protocols.

SHBG-Bound Testosterone

SHBG or Sex Hormone-binding-Globulin is produced in your liver and this guy’s job is to regulate the amount of free testosterone that is available in your body. SHBG binds itself to a protein and annoyingly this means the body can’t utilize it. I say annoyingly as this particular branch of testosterone makes up about 40/50% of the total testosterone.

Albumin-Bound Testosterone

Again, produced in the liver this binds itself to the rest of our testosterone to become Albumin-bound. Similar to SHBG it cannot be utilized by the body in the same way free testosterone can, it can however be broken and converted into free testosterone. The job of Albumin-Bound testosterone is the monitoring and control of cellular fluid volumes.

Ideally you want to increase the amount of free testosterone you have available in your body. This can be done by spiking the production of free testosterone; limiting the production of SHBG and converting the Albumin-bound testosterone to free testosterone.

I will teach you how to do all of these to gain the strongest hormonal response.

Benefits of Increased Testosterone

Before I teach you the exact ways in which you can Naturally Triple Your Testosterone you might want to know the many benefits of having optimal and heightened Test levels.

Having optimal testosterone levels gives you a huge number of physical benefits but also provides you with many psychological and cognitive benefits.

You probably already know some of the main benefits of having increased testosterone levels; but I will be telling you some benefits that will come as a pleasant surprise.

However before we get into the multitude of benefits and how to achieve them I want to discuss and dispel some of the negativity surrounding elevated testosterone.

Common Myths Surrounding Testosterone

Testosterone has often been associated with several negative connotations and has been a target from many hate sources. The truth is that these negative stories you hear have little to no truth in them, usually they are stories that have been exaggerated and exacerbated by the media.

I will cover the two most common negative myths surrounding testosterone and highlight the falsehoods within them

‘Roid Rage’

The most common talking point around testosterone is that it causes an increase in angry and violent outbursts; this however is not true. Naturally increasing testosterone levels will not lead to an increase in violent outbursts or decrease your ability to control your anger.

Note that I said the word naturally. Injecting testosterone boosters, human growth hormone or steroids can lead to these undesirable traits.

Funnily enough when these outbursts occur they are actually not a result of increased test levels, rather they are a result of a decrease in the body’s ability to naturally produce testosterone. When injecting any sort of hormonal drug into the body you are affecting the body’s ability to produce that hormone; so by supplementing with steroids you ironically prevent your body from naturally being able to produce testosterone.

This decrease in natural testosterone production leads to the symptoms associated with low Test levels such as depression and this is what leads to behaviours such as violent outbursts.

So if anyone says to you that adjusting your testosterone levels will result in ‘roid rage’ calmly explain the science behind it and watch them backtrack.

Testosterone and Negative Behavioural Traits

What do I mean by negative behavioural traits?

Well many uninformed people will state how testosterone has been shown to lead to bullying, violence, manipulation and unethical behaviours.

Again… this is another myth that has grown over the years with no scientific evidence or conclusive studies to support it.

What is not a myth though is that multiple studies conducted recently have found high testosterone to be linked to social success among both men and younger boys. Further to these studies were the findings that: teenagers that were perceived by their peers as socially dominant had higher levels of testosterone.

This pro-social effect is also seen in older men as they were found to be both more socially-adept and generally fairer, more ethical people.

So no, testosterone does not result in you selling your soul to the devil. Instead it makes you a positive social force.

Now we have the main myths dispelled let’s get onto the benefits of increased Test levels.

The Benefits

Testosterone Fights Depression

Depression is rampant among the population and more often than not you cannot tell when someone is depressed. However if you have ever personally been prone to bouts of depression you will know the awful, dark feelings associated with it.

Depression exists in different levels of severity and manifests itself in many ways; from needing medical and psychiatric help to just feeling a little blue. Depression is often linked with low testosterone levels and studies have shown that men who suffer from depression also suffer from low testosterone levels.

Scientists have now found that men suffering from depression report a huge improvement in mood and optimism when they were given prescribed testosterone treatment. Further to this is that studied also show that increased testosterone levels are one of the best barriers against ever succumbing to depression.

Testosterone Decreases Body Fat

Countless research studies show that obese men have low testosterone levels. There is a very specific reason for these findings. As testosterone levels decrease, the body’s ability to regulate insulin, glucose and metabolise fat decreases as well; this causes fat (adipose tissue) to begin accumulating.

Now that would be bad enough but there is more; fat has the ability to convert testosterone into oestrogen.

Therefore a higher level of body fat = less testosterone and more oestrogen.

Luckily there is a flipside to that horrible equation. An increase in testosterone allows the body to better regulate insulin, glucose and increases the rate at which fat is metabolised and this leads to a much nicer equation.

Higher testosterone level = lower body fat and less oestrogen produced.

Testosterone Increases Muscle Mass

Everybody knows that testosterone increases muscle mass. This unfortunately has led to many of the negative stereotypes surrounding testosterone and they believe that it’s only benefit is increased muscle mass.

That said…it is a fact that testosterone promotes muscle growth, this happens because testosterone increases muscle-protein synthesis. So when you eat a higher protein diet with an elevated level of testosterone your body is primed to build muscle.

Testosterone Increases Libido

Your libido is directly related to your testosterone levels, have you ever noticed a decline in your sexual interest or arousal? If so low testosterone is most likely the cause, a decrease in libido is widely regarded as one of the most common symptoms of low testosterone suffers.

Although there are other reasons for low libido fixing ones testosterone levels is an excellent way to fight this and reclaim your sexual aggression.

Testosterone Strengthens Erections

Related to the above increase in libido you will also notice an improvement in your erection strength. Not only will you notice an increase in the strength of your erections but also in your ejaculations.

Again during sex you will see a huge difference in your performance and enjoyment, who would have thought you could enjoy sex more?

Well you can and you will…and you can thank me anytime you like.   

Testosterone Strengthens Bones

Bone density and health is maybe not high on your totem pole of concerns and reasons for wanting to increase testosterone but it is an excellent benefit you should be aware of.

Studies have shown testosterone plays an important role in the functionality and health of bones. By increasing your testosterone you stimulate bone mineralization which in turn increases bone density.

As mentioned this might not be something you are concerned about just now but consider the implications this can have as you age.

Your future self says “thank you.”

Testosterone Sharpens Cognitive Ability

Studies have shown that an increase in testosterone is linked with both a clearer mind and also improved cognitive abilities. Other research has shown that lower levels of testosterone can be directly linked to a decrease in memory and recall ability.

Additionally it is seen that concentration levels fluctuate greatly with testosterone levels. The feeling you will have experienced when you just can’t seem to focus and motivate yourself could be a direct result of sub-optimal testosterone production.

This improvement in cognitive abilities is also a result of two other factors that are linked with increasing your Test levels.

Two key ways in which you will Naturally Triple Your Testosterone is through both an improvement and increase in sleep and also eating certain key foods.

The process of these two steps results in an improvement of cognitive abilities as you will be better rested and also strategically removing additives and toxins from your diet which have been shown to decrease mental faculties.

Several of these points are similar to bone density in that they may not affect you until later in life, it is however prudent to take measures now for your future self. So not only will an improvement in testosterone levels benefit you now; you will also be reaping the benefits in your old age.

Testosterone improves confidence

A link that has surfaced time and time again in studies documenting what happens when you increase testosterone levels is the result that an increase in Test levels leads to an improved level of self-confidence.

It is shown that when testosterone is boosted so too is a man’s self-confidence. Whether this comes from the physical effect of actually producing testosterone or is a side result of your body and mind being stronger has yet to be proven.

This however is not an issue as the result remains the same; as testosterone increases your confidence will increase to.

This alone can have huge benefits in both your work and social life.

Testosterone Can Help with the Ladies

Linked to the improvement in confidence is how optimizing testosterone also helps you with the ladies. There are two main reasons that having an increase in testosterone will help you with the ladies; one is linked to the improvements in your mind and body…the other is linked to animals.

Improving your physical appearance, confidence and cognitive functions are all sure fire ways of making you more appealing to the opposite sex.

This goes for seducing new women and also for your current partner. Being confident, in excellent shape and possessing a sharp mind are 3 traits that are highly desirable to women; by optimizing your T levels you will satisfy these criteria…and her.

The other main reason for testosterone helping you with the ladies is pheromones; as I said this is linked to the animal kingdom and is how dominant males attract females.

Animals with high testosterone levels have also been shown to produce more pheromones which attract the opposite sex. Many men who have undergone the process of naturally increasing their testosterone have reported stories that would seem more attuned to the African Plains than city living.

Again this may just be linked to the improvement in their physical appearance and confidence but splitting hairs at this points is not worthwhile as the fact remains…

Testosterone helps with the ladies.

Testosterone can decrease your chances of having Alzheimer’s

This is another benefit that you may not care about just now but in years to come you will be thankful you took steps to increase your testosterone levels.

A range of research studies have established a link stating that lower testosterone puts you at a greater risk for becoming an Alzheimer’s sufferer. However another group studying the effects that increased testosterone has upon Alzheimer’s found that: when they increased the T levels of mice afflicted by Alzheimer’s they could slow the progression of the disease.

When you consider the implications this has it is ground-breaking; Alzheimer’s is one of the most depressing diseases to witness (if you have had a family member suffer like I have they you know the feeling). Slowly losing your mind, losing the ability to form memories, forgetting who your family members are all awful symptoms which can potentially be offset by increasing testosterone.

Although multiple studies have found beneficial correlations between increased testosterone and reduced risk of Alzheimer’s, it is still at early research stages and as such is not 100%. However anything that can potentially lower the likelihood of becoming a sufferer is a huge benefit in my eyes.

Bonus Benefits

The following are benefits that come when you Naturally Triple Your Testosterone, they are listed under bonus benefits as they are an indirect result of increasing your T production.  A Healthier Heart

As you follow the steps provided to Naturally Triple Your Testosterone you will also greatly improve the health of your heart. As you clean your diet and place an emphasis on increasing healthy fat intake combined with an optimized exercise regime you will be greatly helping your heart. Add in the many other benefits of increasing testosterone and your overall health will be skyrocketed.

6 Pack Abs

Something many men have always thought they would never have is the famous 6 pack abs and yes it is true that most men won’t ever have them. However by manipulating your testosterone production you will find it easier than you ever dreamed.

As you lose body fat and pack on muscle (which you will through your diet and exercise) you will begin to reveal a defined midsection.

This will happen faster than you thought possible as the majority of people who work out or exercise do not take the correct steps to firstly, change their diet and secondly, increase their testosterone levels.  

By doing these two key actions you will progress at an unparalleled speed and strip the fat from your body.

9 Strategies to Naturally Triple Your Testosterone

1. Improve & Increase Your Sleep

2. Increase Your Fat Intake

3. A Clean Diet

4. Strategic Supplement Use

5. Strategic Weight Lifting

6. Strategically Intense Cardiovascular Work

7. Sex

8. Cold Exposure

9. Strategic Fasting

Strategy 1
Improve & Increase Your Sleep

Increasing the amount of sleep you get is one of the simplest ways to drastically increase your testosterone production. Testosterone is mainly produced when the body is sleeping.

Therefore by increasing the amount of sleep you increase the amount of time the body has to produce testosterone.

The flip side of this is that lack of sleep will massively affect your body’s ability to produce testosterone; several short sleeps in a row will compound into a massively detrimental hormonal concoction that will drop your Test production and levels fast.

A recent study by the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine stated that the bodily functions negatively affected by inadequate sleep are: the heart, lungs and kidneys; appetite, metabolism and weight control; immune function and disease resistance; sensitivity to pain; reaction time; mood; and brain function. Further to this are links with an increase in stress and cortisol.

You have always known that a bad night’s sleep is detrimental to your health but many people choose to ignore the effect it has on testosterone production and rather focus on lack of focus and energy.

Given that optimal testosterone levels will also increase your focus and energy you can bet that when you add increased sleep to the cocktail your energy and focus will blow through the sky. Add in the ability to prevent a host of bodily harms and you have a solid reasoning as to why it is imperative to improve and increase your sleep.

To optimize your hormonal levels you want to aim for anywhere between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. An important thing to note is that the quality of sleep is also incredibly important, you want to enter a deep sleep as quickly as possible.

The hardest part for many people is the act of falling asleep and avoiding the dreaded insomnia so many of us suffer from. You probably experience at least one light form of insomnia every night. Either trouble falling asleep; waking throughout the night or waking too early and being unable to get back to sleep.

These can all be prevented.

If you follow the strategies outlined below you will fall asleep much quicker and improve the quality of your sleep greatly which will propel your testosterone production.

1. Write a to-do List

One of the main psychological barriers to falling asleep is ‘turning off your mind.’ When your mind is running in circles about what you “have to do tomorrow” and what you “didn’t get done today” it will create a stressful and worrisome mind that will prolong insomnia.

There are scores of studies that prove ‘uncluttering’ your mind will decrease the time it takes you to enter sleep. So every night unclutter your mind and reduce stress by writing a to-do list for the next day.

A fun bonus is that it will make you more productive as well as each day you will awaken to a list of tasks for completion.

2. Read 20 Minutes of Fiction

This strategy is again related to uncluttering your mind, by reading some form of fiction you will remove your mind from your reality.

Fiction will help your mind switch off as well removing stressful thoughts, pick up a book and read a small amount every night and you will see a huge change.

If you use an electronic reader such as an iPad or Kindle turn the luminosity of the screen down.

I personally suggest doing this after you have written a to-do list; this is so that after reading and relaxing you don’t have to turn your mind back to reality and begin considering what needs done and hasn’t been done yet.  

3. Make Your Room as Dark as Possible

The environmental lighting you are exposed to will directly affect how long it takes you to fall asleep; the darker the room the faster you will fall into sleep. Additionally, if your room is dark you will also improve the quality of your sleep.

Blackout Blinds are your best option for this.

4. Create a Beneficial Noise Environment

Creating a noise environment that will help you fall asleep is very simple. The aim is to generate ambient noise that serves two functions:

Blocks environmental noise that can prevent and disturb sleep

Block new thoughts forming by distracting your mind with certain sounds

To do this you simply need to play ambient noise from your bedside table. I use my iPhone speaker to play a 15 minute long mp3 of ‘Grey Noise’. This is a consistent noise that helps me block of the environmental noise and I focus on listening to it to prevent new thoughts forming.

Other ambient noises you may like are the sounds of: waves, rain, wind, a fan, soft classical music and many more. As long as the sound is consistent it will achieve its goal.

5. Experiment with Temperature Control

This strategy has to be personally tested by you over the next few nights. The temperature at which your body finds its optimal sleep pattern is something different to every individual and you most likely have an idea what is most comfortable for you.

Once you have found the temperature most suitable and comfortable that helps you fall asleep quickest you will want to replicate this as much as possible.

If you need to increase temperature experiment with socks of different thicknesses.

If you want to decrease temperature, remove the duvet and use a single sheet. Also try opening a window before bed to lower the room temperature, close before sleep to avoid the inevitable temperature drop in the early hours of day.

6. Exercise

Regular exercise, in particular resistance training, has been shown to improve sleep quality. Over the course of this program you will be exercising regularly with a focus on resistance training. A direct result of this will be an improved quality of sleep.

Strategy 2
Increase Your Fat Intake

Dietary fat has been wrongfully associated with making people fat and generally being bad for you for a long time.

Now some truth lies in this, certain fats will make you fat and wreak havoc to your body, these fats are known as trans-fats and are manufactured fats. These fats will not provide your body with any benefits and should be avoided.

That said dietary fats are one of the fundamental nutrients that your body needs so that all organs and systems can function properly, including the production of testosterone.

So what can you do to get the benefits of dietary fat without the downsides?

Focus upon natural fats.

Naturally fats can be split into two groups; saturated and unsaturated.

These can also be viewed as healthy fats and are crucial in providing your body with the correct nutrients for optimal health.

A diet high in natural fats has now been proven to have many beneficial outcomes such as improvement in cholesterol health levels and increased energy levels; these benefits aside we are focusing on fats ability to spike testosterone production.

A diet consisting of high doses of healthy fats has been shown to massively spike testosterone production. Remember testosterone is derived from cholesterol. Therefore increasing cholesterol will increase testosterone.

You may worry that this will result in fat gain or risk of heart disease; this couldn’t be further from the truth as long as certain key steps are taken. If the following rules are followed you will increase your overall health, boost testosterone production and lower body fat.

1. Exercise regularly and lift heavy weights

2. Eat only natural fats and natural foods

3. Avoid preservatives and additives

4. Limit alcohol intake, especially beer

Ignore these rules whilst increasing your dietary fat intake and you will neither optimize your hormones nor improve your health.

Another reason for increasing your fat intake is to lower your level of SHBG, this was mentioned in the how testosterone is made section but in case you have forgotten we will recap.

Sex-Hormone Binding Globulin binds to free testosterone and renders inert, this means you have less free testosterone, which is the powerhouse of hormones that gives you all the benefits.

Cholesterol works to cancel out SHBG and therefore the more cholesterol you have the less SHBG you have which results in more free testosterone.

So there you go, increase fat and increase testosterone.

Strategy 3
A Clean Diet

As well as an increase in fat in your diet, to further maximise testosterone production you must eat a clean diet. This doesn’t mean avoiding tasty foods that you love, rather just removing certain key items to optimize the hormonal balance and production in your body.

By cleaning your diet up not only will your testosterone levels increase but your physique will improve greatly as well.

This strategy is focused upon the removal of certain foods to promote optimal hormonal response.

The main driver of this strategy is to focus upon natural foods only, remove all processed foods from your diet as these are filled with chemical additives that prevent your body from functioning how it was designed.

You will not change or adjust how much food you eat, in fact by cleaning your diet you can eat much more without fat gain, instead you will be strategically picking what foods to eat and avoid.

Generally the rule is avoid manufactured foods:

1. Avoid sugar

2. Avoid manufactured carbohydrates – cereals, breads, noodles, rice, pasta etc.

3. Avoid processed and pre-packaged/pre prepared meals

4. Avoid fizzy drinks

Generally the rule is: eat whole and natural foods:

Eat a lot of protein

Eat a lot of healthy fats

Eat healthy carbohydrates with low Glycaemic Index (GI) – Beans, legumes, lentils etc.

Eat nuts and seeds

Eat a lot of vegetables

Drink water and lots of it

Drink coffees and teas

I usually forgo on this once per week and for sanity and social sake I eat what I want and when I want. I call this my cheat day and it has not shown any negative effect on my, or my clients, testosterone production.

Two Fool Proof Formulas for Creating Meals

People often feel that creating meals that optimize testosterone production is difficult and that it takes away their freedom of choice. This is a quitters excuse and idiotic. Here is the formula for creating healthy fat and protein packed meals that will naturally spike your testosterone production.

Meals should generally be made following this formula:

P+V+F or C = Healthy protein packed testosterone boosting meal.

P = Protein

V = Vegetables

F = Healthy Fats

C = Low GI Carbohydrates

It is as simple as that, with that formula you can now take the difficulty out of what to cook. Use seasoning as much you wish but again focus on natural seasonings rather than bottles of sauce.

I suggest forgoing this formula at breakfast and opt for a P+F meal instead as I have found it to provide better weight loss and stimulate testosterone production.

Portion Size Formula

Wondering how much of each P,V,F,C to use as well?

Here’s another quick formula to use.

Look at your hand…now make a fist…now open it again…that is your two units of measurement you will use.

Aim for the following sizes when creating meals.

Protein: One palm of protein

Carbohydrates: One fist of carbohydrates. Pre and Post workout meal can be increased to two fists

Vegetables: Two fists of vegetables

Cheat Days

Many people who have worked with me have found that every so often they have strong cravings for certain foods. This is to be expected and rather and try to fight these cravings you should aim to strategically incorporate it into your lifestyle.

The most potent strategy for combatting these cravings is to develop a set cheat day. In the most basic terms this is when you eat and drink what you like without feeling guilty.

My personal cravings are chocolate biscuits, cookies, lasagne, tacos and a few pints of beer, so instead of avoiding these completely I just wait until my cheat day (Saturday) comes around and consume them then.

I schedule these days on a Saturday for 4 important reasons:

1. Saturdays is my most sociable day. Usually revolves around watching sports, going to a bar and then going out for dinner.

2. After a week of heavy lifting my muscles can effectively use the huge surplus of calories I am putting into my body. Especially the influx of carbohydrates.

3. I perform an early morning HIIT session on Saturdays so my metabolism is powered up for the next 24 hours.

4. Sunday is a 24 hour fast. This is an incredibly effective way to combat the cheat day gluttony whilst providing an extra testosterone and growth hormone boost.

Nobody wants to be the guy that can’t go out for a gluttonous lunch and enjoy a few drinks, so instead of always saying no…plan ahead and structure your binging.

Try to limit your alcohol during these cheat days, do not go overboard on drinking. A few drinks of your choice is fine but avoid drinking to excess as this will negatively affect your hormones.

Strategy 4
Strategic Supplement Use

Supplements that are marketed as being able to increase testosterone and HGH production are for the most part bullshit. ZMA, Tribulus and other ‘testosterone boosters’ will do nothing for you except lighten your wallet.

This is true for many supplements within the health industry.

However there do exist a few supplements with scores of scientific research behind them that are beneficial to increasing testosterone levels.

The supplements listed here will only make a huge difference to your T production if you use them correctly and in synergy with the other strategies outlined in this program.

If you think you can be lazy and try to supplement your way to increasing your testosterone without making other changes and implementing other strategies you will not get the results you want.

The only way you can increase your testosterone levels by being lazy is through Steroids or other hormonal treatment and remember these are not supplements but drugs. They will also prevent natural production of testosterone which will come back to haunt you in later life in the shape of man boobs.

The supplements you will use have been carefully chosen to aid in the production of testosterone and when combined with the other strategies you have been taught will explode your Test levels.

First we will explain each of the supplements and then give recommended doses.

Vitamin D3

Why Vitamin D3?

You most likely don’t get anywhere near enough Vitamin D on a day-to-day basis, if you spend most of your time outdoors in direct sunshine and not inside at University or work  you might get enough Vitamin D.

For arguments sake let’s assume you are like the vast majority of people and don’t spend enough time in the sun; this means you are most likely deficient in Vitamin D, as this vitamin is derived from sun exposure.

Given that Vitamin D, when activated within the body, acts as a steroid hormone and triggers your Vitamin D responsive genes, which stimulate muscle growth, you may begin to see why sunshine is so important to testosterone.

High dose supplementation with Vitamin D3 is an excellent way to replicate the benefits of sun exposure and therefore this is the first supplement you will strategically use to naturally triple your testosterone.


6,000-8000 UI Per day split into two servings.

Take upon wakening and at prior to sleep.

Cycle the use of supplement with 4 weeks on 4 weeks off. Do not ignore this point.

Signs of too much Vitamin D3 is a metallic taste in mouth. Stop use if this occurs.

Ensure you get your Vitamin D levels tested before supplementing.

Cod Liver Oil/Omega-3 Fish Oil

Why Fish Oil?

If you remember back to reading about how testosterone is made you will remember we touched upon the Luteinizing Hormone and how it is responsible for triggering the testicles to produce testosterone.

Well fish oil has been shown to increase the production of the Luteinizing Hormone and the more of this you have then the more signals you have going to the testicles to produce testosterone.

Fish Oil also has a whole host of other benefits such as:

Improved quality of skin

Improved strength of hair and nails

Helps maintain a healthy heart


4 Capsules or Tablets per day split into two servings.

Take upon wakening and prior to sleep.

Natural Vitamin-Rich Butter

Although this technically isn’t a supplement I have included in this section as it can be highly effective when used as a supplement to your diet and eating habits. It can either be taken with food or separately.

Why Butter?

Natural butter from grass fed cows is extremely high in both Vitamins A & K. Now what do these particular vitamins do to help increase testosterone?

Vitamin A has been shown to be directly effective in increasing testosterone production positively in adults.

Vitamin K acts as a booster Vitamin to A & D, higher levels of Vitamin K help activate cells that increase the potency of Vitamin A & D. So by supplementing with Vitamin K you increase the effects of supplementing with Vitamin A and Vitamin D.


5-10g of Natural Vitamin Rich Butter. Kerrygold Irish Butter is the best.

Take in morning.

Easiest way to add this to your diet is one of the following:

Cook your breakfast in the recommended amount. I make my eggs in butter and it is delicious

Add it to your coffee for a very creamy texture packed full of flavour

Eat it whole

Whey Protein

Why Whey?

The use of supplementing with protein powder is to support your efforts in the gym. It does not seem to have any direct effect on the production of testosterone, rather it just to help repair and grow your muscles.

As you undergo the training protocol to stimulate optimal testosterone production you will need to quickly feed your muscles with protein as they will be massively broken down and in need of protein to repair.

Larger muscles will force more production of testosterone to occur in your body; as whey helps with muscle growth it therefore indirectly helps with boosting T.

Take 35-50g of whey protein mixed with full fat milk and sip it during your workout.

Feel free to take more than one protein shake per day. Use water to mix if you are having more than 1 shake – don’t want to trigger fat gain through too much dairy.

Strategy 5
Strategic Weight Lifting

Lifting weights in any fashion will stimulate the production of testosterone. When you place your body under the extreme stress that comes with weight lifting it triggers the body to produce testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH).

A focus on compound movements (multiple muscles) and heavy lifting will have a much greater effect over light weights, isolation exercises and using machines.

An excellent place to start is to focus on creating your workouts to be a combination of compound exercises combined with bodyweight exercises.

Doing this will release a hormonal cocktail which will add solid muscle to your frame as well as providing you with a heightened testosterone production.  

Now you have two options: you can follow any weight lifting regime and it will naturally stimulate the production of testosterone or you can use several secret strategies that will lead to a much greater hormonal response?

The obvious option it seems would be to optimize your training to produce a greater hormonal response? So what strategies can you use optimize your training?

1. Focus on compound heavy lifts

2. Use bodyweight exercises

3. Increase the time under tension

4. Take muscle to failure at specific period in workout

5. Stimulate different muscle fibres

6. Increasing the production of lactic acid

7. Keep workouts to 35 minutes or less

8. Increasing weight strategically

If you create a workout based around these strategies, each of which optimizes your hormones, you will fast-track your body goals and skyrocket your testosterone levels through the roof.

One of the most important things you have to remember is not to over-train, this will negatively affect your body’s testosterone production. Relax a little and don’t exercise obsessively. Weight training 3x per week and HIIT 1x per week.


As an awesome bonus we will be providing you with the detailed workouts that we have created for clients in the past that will incorporate all the testosterone and HGH boosters listed above. No need to do any work yourself – except the workouts of course.

Strategy 6
Strategically Intense Cardiovascular Work

Another strategy to increase testosterone production is through very specific cardiovascular exercises.

Long endurance cardiovascular exercise such as marathon running or even your morning jog will negatively affect the production of testosterone.

To produce testosterone you must place the body under severely strenuous conditions, this will be achieved by very specific sprint based work.

You will be using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) once per week to meet this goal and combined with the weight lifting regime it will be incredibly effective.

The style of HIIT you use is solely up to you but the best results I have seen with clients is based on treadmill sprint work. However if you want to use the bicycle machine or cross trainer that is fine.

Most HIIT protocols follow the script of intense burst of exercise followed by rest period and repeat.

This protocol will follow the script of intense burst of exercise followed by a bodyweight movement followed by a rest period and repeat.

The HIIT strategy you will be using was created specifically for optimizing your hormonal production and basically is structured as:

1. Warm Up

2. Sprint 20 seconds at incline

3. Come off treadmill (do not switch off)

4. Exercise such as lunges, abdominal crunches, farmer’s walks, mountain climbers, press ups etc.

5. Back on treadmill

6. Sprint 20 seconds at incline

Repeat 3 times before increasing incline and speed and carrying out a new circuit

The hormonal cocktail created during these sessions is highly potent – the sessions will also help to melt away any fat on the body.

One of the most important things you have to remember is not to over-train, this will negatively affect your body’s testosterone production.

Relax a little and don’t exercise obsessively.

Weight training 3x per week and HIIT 1x per week is more than enough to create the hormonal environment we desire.

Strategy 7

Ah sex, everyone’s favourite pass time. Sex is a surprising strategy to Naturally Triple Your Testosterone – I say surprising as it is usually ignored by Doctors and the media.

So let’s shine some light on it.

Now a result of naturally increasing testosterone in general is improved libido and erection strength but what is surprising is that the act of sex actually increases the production of testosterone.

One study examined different couples and their testosterone levels in relation to their sex life; it noted that on nights in which sexual intercourse occurred their testosterone levels increased. The study then went on to show that nights with no sexual activity resulted in testosterone levels either staying the same or dropping.

What it all comes down to is as simple as this: men with a more active sex life have higher levels of free testosterone available in their body.

Now as you want to naturally increase your testosterone as much as possible we are giving another secret strategy to help with the process.

Have sex in the morning

Gaining a huge surge of testosterone production is as simple as having sex in the morning, yes your partner might take some convincing but it will be worth it.

Plus having a smile on your face all day whilst everyone else scowls is always fun.

The reason for this is that your testosterone is mainly produced during the night and peaks in the morning, this is why you often wake up with ‘morning wood’; your testosterone levels at this stage are through the roof.

So by having sex you release this build up and also increase your production of T as testosterone is produced when you have sex.    

This has to be the most enjoyable way to improve your hormones and just wait until you experience sex with increased and optimal testosterone.

Strategy 8
Cold Exposure

A very recent discovery has been the positive link between testosterone production and cold exposure.

The area of the hypothalamus that generates the body’s response to drastic temperature drops is the same area that controls the release and regulation of Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) pulses and triggers. You might remember from the how testosterone is made section that Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone is what starts the production of testosterone.

It has been seen that one of the body’s responses to cold exposure is to trigger the release of GnRH and therefore cold exposure can force the body to naturally produce more of the hormones responsible for creating testosterone.

Using cold exposure is initially not the most enjoyable of processes but after several runs you will begin to love it – this seems hard to believe I know but just wait and see.

You will find that cold exposure is also excellent for providing a long lasting energy burst and for reducing DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) after exercise.

I also personally find that I have many of my most creative ideas when undergoing cold exposure, I have no science to support this…it just happens.

Cold Exposure Treatment

There are three main ways to undergo cold exposure treatment:

1. Ice Baths. 5-10 minutes.

Ice baths are the least enjoyable, I suggest one per week for 10 minutes. Draw a bath of cold water and add two bags of ice. Don’t dive into a full bath of ice, instead expose your body slowly to the temperature to adjust.

Try this routine:

Feet first and stand for one minute

Kneel in the ice bath exposing knees, shins and upper thighs for one minute

Sit down and have legs fully submerged for 3 minutes

Lower yourself in until half of your upper body is submerged. Stay here for remaining 5 minutes.

2. Cold Showers. 10 minutes.

Easiest to implement and not too bad to endure. Whether you shower in the morning or night (or both) use a cold shower to stimulate testosterone production. Try and make every shower you have cold.

Try this routine:

Start with warm water for 2 minutes

Switch to the coldest temperature for remaining 8.

Focus on water jets spraying your neck from behind.

3. Ice Packs on Key Body Locations. 30 minutes.

Easy to implement and relatively effective. Place an icepack on the back of your neck and leave for 30 minutes. Replace the pack if necessary. Easiest to use when reading or watching TV.

The order they are presented represent both their order of difficulty and their effectiveness. You can use one, two or all three but make sure you use at least one technique every day. Do this and you will find your energy and testosterone levels increase.  

Strategy 9
Strategic Fasting

This strategy will fly in the face of much of the advice you have heard from the corrupted fitness industry. They will tell you that by fasting you run the risk of XYZ happening and that most crucially of all your body will go into survival mode and eat away your muscle and lower your testosterone.

Now fasting for an extended period of time is a bad idea, however fasting for 24 hours is an incredibly powerful way to achieve some incredible hormonal and physical benefits.

By placing your body into fast mode for 24 hours you are creating the environment which will lead to highest rate of testosterone production. During this period you also give your body a huge boost of HGH secretion.

Be careful though as if you extend much past the 24 hours you will begin to lower testosterone production.  

Fasting also helps to reset your insulin levels, this has the benefits of optimising your hormonal output for the coming week. How food reacts within your body is key to naturally increasing testosterone and this insulin reset will optimize this.

Another benefit of a fast is that it speeds up the process of fat loss and as you now know fat is detrimental to testosterone production.

Implementing a Fast

Creating a fast window is much easier than you might think and it can be scheduled any day of the week. If you were fasting on Sunday you would stop eating at 10 or 11pm on Saturday and not eat again until 10 or 11pm on Sunday night.

Break your fast will a small protein and vegetable heavy meal.

Drink as much water, green tea, coffee as you like during this window and feel free to consume up to 30g of BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids) in tablet or powder form.

Remember you will most likely be sleeping for 8+ hours of this fasting window so it will not be as difficult as you think.

It will be easiest if you start your fast after your ‘cheat day’ as your body will be overloaded with food and in dire need of a rest. This also means that you won’t put on fat as a result of your cheat day.

Do not lift weights or exercise during your fast.

Just take it nice and easy and reap the benefits.

Get Ready To Try It Yourself – It Works!

So I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and are ready to start implementing the strategies I have shared with you.

Implementing just one or two of these strategies will result in higher testosterone production and make you a happier, more energetic version of yourself.

However the real hormonal magic will happen if you commit yourself fully to the program and each of the strategies outlined – do this and I promise that you will feel unstoppable.

Tripling your testosterone will take some dedication and lifestyle changes but the results for both the present and future are immeasurable.