Women Prefer Big Penises Because They Deliver More Pleasure


    Ready for some controversy? Women want and desire large penises because they provide more psychological satisfaction. I’ve already covered this topic in other articles and explained precisely why women prefer men with large penises – huge cocks actually. In this article, I will go into detail on the psychological pleasures that women get from having a large penis and why it makes sense. They are very similar to the pleasure, excitement or the fact you notice, when a man sees large breasts on a woman.

    It’s All About Psychological Stimulation

    1. Excitement for Sex

    A huge penis is a turn-on for women in the same way that big breasts are for males. A man is drawn to women because he expects to have sex with them, sorry it’s a biological fact. His intuition tells him that the larger breasts will provide him with more sexual pleasure. People like something when it offers them pleasure, and sexual pleasure is the most intense sort of pleasure, so this should really come as no surprise.

    The anticipation of sexual pleasure is a form of pleasure in and of itself. It’s what we call “getting turned on.” – or you could just cut to the chase and call it horny. For manyguys huge breasts are a turn-on. A large penis is a turn-on for most women because we’re biologically and culturally aroused by size.

    2. Visual Appeal: A Bigger Anything Just Looks Better

    A large penis results in happy eyes and immediate arousal. Pure visual pleasure is another type of pleasure influenced by size, apart from sexual excitement. Size is important to the eyes, no matter what. Women love the appearance of a big penis, that doesn’t mean their vagina wants it, but their brain thinks so. Big is awe-inspiring. Most things in life always come down to volume and quantity.

    Abundance is exciting, size turns everybody on, no matter what you’re talking about. Do you like tomatoes? Go to the grocery store and see what the difference is between the tiny and large ones. The large ones appeal to you because they make your mouth water. Bigger will always visually stimulate your senses. If you look around, you’ll notice that this applies to everything in a grocery store.

    Size matters in the eyes of both men and women and quite simply, it applies to everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s tits, cocks, TVs, houses, a can of beans or whatever – People notice size and consistently get a perverse thrill from it. It really doesn’t matter what you’re talking about, big is appealing. For a male, big breasts are appealing and fascinating to gaze at – or at least they really get your attention. Remember it doesn’t matter what your particular fetish or interest is, and it doesn’t matter about sexual orientation either, size attracts attention and interest. Big penises have the same effect on women that a nice ass, a huge set of breasts might have on a man. So it might run contrary to all the “feel good”, emotional nonsense that people spew out on a regular basis about how it’s not the size that counts, or how you treat her is more important, but …When it comes to pure sex, biology and human nature, a bigger dick will always turn somebody on more than a smaller one.

    I write these articles as a self-help guide for men who are plagued by penis size concerns and find it difficult to let go and time to get real. If you’re simply a regular guy, you might question if there are men who care so much about penis size. You better believe there are, and they are in a lot of emotional pain. If you’re a woman reading this, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about because you’ve undoubtedly met a guy like him.

    Many people incorrectly feel that that all this penis talk is directed at all guys. True, this site is for men and there are many who are already really obsessed with penis size concerns before visiting the site. It makes no difference if these males are little, average, or beyond average – men just feel this way.

    To me, it’s a given that the average woman naturally wants a larger-than-average penis. On the other hand, I am aware that the average woman does not consider penis size to be a big issue in her daily life or in her relationships with males – so they say, “emotionally”. I know that even if the ordinary woman wishes her boyfriend was a little bigger at times, she will never allow that interfere with her sentiments or love for that person. Women are far more sophisticated beings than men. They simply think and feel differently than most men.

    However, I genuinely feel that explaining the nuances or these emotional factors help men who are already worried about the size of their penis. The emotional suffering they experience stems from being tossed back and forth between the thoughts “yes, size matter” and “no, it doesn’t.” They already know that size matters, but they are having difficulty accepting it. Every time they are about to accept and go on, someone says, “Size doesn’t matter.” Only until they completely acknowledge that size does matter to women will they be able to find peace within themselves. Until that happens, it’s pointless to remind them that, for most women, penis size is merely a minor factor in the overall “man-package.” That’s how much their obsession with size messes with their head.

    I also believe that the only way to accomplish this is through a brute force technique, similar to a penis-size instruction boot camp, where things become tough before they get better. I don’t want to give that subconscious doubt-causing demon in their head a chance to reclaim control – that simply isn’t healthy in the long-term. Being skeptical in life is healthy, but not when it causes you to become dysfunctional. That is why I’m always dubious when I come across people making broad, simple and overstated claims about what women seek and experience sexually.

    And I make a point demonstrating this point repeatedly. Yes, there is a tone of shame and abuse, which is difficult for them. It causes uproar and incredulity at first, followed by feelings of irritation, powerlessness, and inferiority. They then reach a point where they are furious, even outraged at anybody that dares to say the truth: penis size is important.

    This anger eventually subsides and is replaced by understanding and acceptance, not simply acceptance of women’s size preferences, but more significantly, acceptance of oneself. The idea is to allow people to tear down their doubts, clear up the mess within their heads, and start over. When men reach this phase, they are ready to let go of the penis size issue and discover their true worth as a man. Imagine their relief when, after accepting that, yes, women love larger-than-average guys, they also realize that there are many other aspects of males that matter to women more than penis size.

    A couple of years ago, I received a message from a guy who just wanted to thank me for finally speaking the truth. The message basically said that he had been worried by penis size for the many years and he mentioned how unhappy he discovered one of my articles about penis size. He was outraged that I dared to say that a bigger penis is what everybody wants. He thought it was untrue, he thought it was callous and admittedly it made him feel even more uncomfortable and self-aware about the size of his penis.

    The message went to say that over time he started to slowly accept reality, a bigger penis is always preferred over a smaller one. He had to admit it to himself that he couldn’t disagree with me if he was actually constantly preoccupied by the size of his dick. His emotions basically self-corrected and he began to realize I was simply making a rational statement and that rationality explained his psychological preoccupation. To be blunt, he realized I was completely right, no matter how uncomfortable it made him to hear the truth.

    It is designed specifically for males suffering from Penile Inadequacy Anxiety Syndrome (PIAS), whose symptoms include:

    • Constant concerns that your penis is smaller than other men’s
    • Obsessive beliefs regarding the relevance of penis size on female sexual fulfillment
    • A sexual inferiority complex combined with a fear of rejection.

    It is geared toward heterosexual men. PIAS is a disorder that primarily affects heterosexual men.

    Gay men usually know where they fit on the size scale because they have plenty of opportunities to compare themselves. Straight males, on the other hand, have no real-life references and are frequently misled by women’s contradicting remarks. Gay men, like women, have no secrets about the importance of penis size. Straight males are the ones who are unsure about how they compare and whether bigger is better.

    Penis size has been one of the most discussed subjects on the internet in recent years. “Is penis size essential to women?” is the burning topic on everyone’s mind. and “How do I stack up?”

    Many guys are self-conscious about their masculinity because they believe that people often judge it based on the size of their penis. The larger the bone he carries, the larger the man he feels. That’s exactly how most males feel deep down. Penis size is a topic that affects men in such a deep and primordial way that most men squirm when it is brought up.

    As a result, males keep their sentiments and insecurities deep hidden and suffer in silence. Women, on the other hand, frequently discuss sexual topics openly with one another.

    The Internet has provided some respite by allowing males to communicate with other men and women anonymously and discuss their concerns and anxieties. Dozens of websites have joined the penis size debate, allowing users to publish their queries and views. There are forums for men who have little penises, forums for individuals who want to increase their penises, and even discussion groups for men who are highly endowed.

    With so much “knowledge” available on the internet, one would think that the debate over whether penis size is essential to women would have been settled by now.

    Men, on the other hand, are more perplexed than ever about the significance of penis size. It is the result of growing misinformation and contradicting “facts.” Because of the web’s numerous hyperlinks, this issue has grown to such massive dimensions that penis size is now unquestionably dominating the thoughts and emotions of hundreds of thousands of men in North America alone, and many times that number in the rest of the world.

    If you are one of these men, you may be suffering from emotional distress and interpersonal problems (s). Uncertainty…, questions…, doubts and fears…you feel trapped in an ever-expanding maze of confusion from which you cannot escape. You most likely have Penile Inadequacy Anxiety Syndrome (see previous page for symptoms), which causes you to be depressed about your penis size.

    To assist you find your way out of this muddle, you need a point of stability, which can only be obtained by receiving unambiguous answers to your inquiries. We need to put a stop to the penis size controversy, and the only way to do so is to thoroughly examine the issue and expose the facts as they are.

    The truth may appear harsh and difficult to accept at first, but in the long run, it will force those men who are suffering to confront reality and, as a result, help them find the stability they need to move on with their lives. They can finally stop wasting vital energy and time thinking about the size of their penis and start doing more productive activities. After all, no matter how important penis size is to women, it will never control their thoughts the way it does men’s.

    Of course, you could argue that males who obsess over penis size must be…adolescent… emotionally unstable… gay…!…And all of that is quite simply, FALSE!

    Men stress over penis size for one simple reason because penis size does matter to women!

    Why do males stress over the size of their penis?

    Men stress over their penis size because they instinctively know it matters to women. That’s all there is to it. (The importance of penis size is discussed throughout the rest of this document; simply accept it for the time being.)

    As a result, all men, with the exception of those who are exceedingly well endowed, will, at some point in their lives, be concerned about the size of their penis.

    Here’s a quote that you can consider:

    “I am not attractive, I am overweight and unhealthy, and I acknowledge that I am not a pleasant person to be around. But none of that disturbs me; my only genuine concern is my penis. It’s eight inches long and little about six inches across, which is fine, but I wish it was a little thicker.”

    People like this demonstrate the depth of preoccupation with this problem. If this guy is concerned about his weight, imagine how many smaller men feel! There are certainly more important aspects of a man to women than his penis size, yet few people are that bothered with it. Are their concerns justified? They frequently are.

    Later on, we’ll get into the specifics to determine which sizes are appropriate or considered “good”.

    Men Desire To Please ALL Women Sexually

    The fixation with penis size is nothing new.

    Men love sex and most consider it the best thing in the world, and they are well aware that women adore it as well. A man wants to know if he is pleasing his wife. He wishes to feel adequate and virile in front of her. If she says he pleases her, he wants to know if he pleases her to the greatest extent possible, since he is concerned that the competition will please her even more.

    This drive is so strong that even guys who are completely content with that one wonderful woman would constantly want to ensure that they are competitive. Because women are naturally promiscuous, a guy subconsciously fears that he may lose her to a more virile competition one day. Of course, a male is more promiscuous by nature than a woman, which produces an inherent drive to please all women, not just the one he is dating.

    According to one man I spoke with:

    “I have everything I could possibly desire in life: a career, money, and being married to and in love with a wonderful woman. Our sex is fantastic. I’m small down there, but so is she, and I fit like a spark plug. I just want to know whether I can satisfy other women. Although I have no intention of ever cheating on my wife, I am concerned.”

    A younger woman said this about her boyfriend:

    “He is still concerned about his penis. It is thick but short. I assure him that it is large enough for me, but he remains concerned. According to my gynecologist, I have a fairly short vagina. Of sure, his dick is big enough for me. What is he so concerned about?”

    Sorry, girl, the biological truth is that he isn’t concerned just pleasing you.

    …he is concerned about not pleasing all the other women on the planet too.

    Five Important Reasons Why Women Prefer a Big Penis

    The truth is that women like a man with a huge penis. Unless you’ve been lurking in the woods your entire life, I don’t think you’d find this huge news, but the real news is that you will now understand why it is true.

    There are five major reasons why women love huge penises that lead all to one. They can be difficult to distinguish at times, but they all have something to do with pleasure. It includes everything from natural sexual selection to vaginal satisfaction and all in between.

    As you shall see, the greatest way to comprehend this penis size preference is to first comprehend a woman, what motivates her, what her instincts tell her to do, and how her body reacts and behaves.

    In fact, I could give a long list of sensible and factual reasons why women love these enormous penises, followed by specifics.

    Women care about penis size because larger penises result in more pleasure… all kinds of pleasure.

    Women love penises, just as men adore pussies and breasts. A women’s favorite topic of talk is the penis and it makes them pleased to talk about it, and it makes them even happier to interact with one.

    I’ve already stated that women feel the same way about penis size as men do about enormous breasts. It demonstrates that a penis can provide a lady with more than one type of pleasure. When all else is equal, greater is better in all of these enjoyment categories:

    Psychological gratifications:

    – sexual anticipation – visual excitement – and a unique one: fulfillment of her inherent drive to reproduce

    Physical gratifications include: – touch feelings – vaginal satisfaction *

    * A woman’s vaginal pleasure during intercourse is substantially, but not entirely, reliant on the size of her partner’s penis. Generally, bigger is desirable until a certain point, which varies slightly from girl to girl. Some prefer very thick penises, others prefer lengthy ones, while still others prefer a combination of the two. This is not to say that an average or small penis cannot satisfy them. She may have less or more satisfaction depending on a man’s penis size and her vagina size. Many women are vaginal (require penetration), while others are oral (need no penetration) (prefer cunnilingus). Even those who are not vaginal will appreciate a good medium-sized penis.

    Feminine Women Have Strong Female Characteristics.

    Expectation of Sex

    Consider a group of men of women. Ask a man to gaze all around the audience. He’ll notice all the feminine women with perky huge breasts and slim curves in a matter of seconds. He ignored the men, the elderly, and the obese ladies without even realizing it.

    Nature is just at work. He didn’t go looking for feminine women on purpose. He didn’t have to think hard to discover them. Nature made him this way. It’s just biology.

    A male will scan the people around him looking for women. That is his inherent instinct and the reason for his existence. Nature has made his job easy by endowing women with visually unique features (female characteristics). These different characteristics are hardwired into a man’s brain. He doesn’t have to think about them or try to recall them.

    Typical Female Characteristics

    • Soft facial features are strong female qualities (traits).
    • large eyes (mascara)
    • smaller nose, large lips (lipstick)
    • smaller chin and jaw
    • smaller neck thin shoulders
    • arms and hands are tiny and thin
    • large breasts with large nipples
    • smaller waist and back
    • comparatively large hips and bulging genitals with engorged inner and outer labia tight curvy legs small, slim feet

    The features listed above are what define a lady as feminine. It is a mix of tiny and larger body parts. When all of these female attributes are highlighted in one woman, men prefer her over another with less apparent features. She confirms his intuition by stating that he is dealing with a genuine woman. Did you also notice that all these basic features are the opposite of masculine?

    Remember, woman equals pleasure; the more female traits, the more a man anticipates pleasure.

    Masculine men are men with strong male characteristics that create sexual anticipation.

    Typical Male Characteristics

    Strong male traits include square bodylines, broad shoulders, massive hands, larger muscles, and, yes, a larger penis.

    These physical qualities are what define a man as manly. When all of these attributes are highlighted in a man, women prefer him over one with less obvious features. He confirms her biological instinct that she is dealing with a truly manly man.

    Nature has hardwired women to seek out such male characteristics. It’s not their decision; it’s instinct. Men are attractive to women because they represent sex and stability.

    The bigger a man’s penis, the more he stands out as a true man, and the more she longs for sex and protection.

    As a result, it is absurd to claim that penis size is only important to some women. It matters to all (normal) women in the same way as a man’s voice does.

    I don’t think anyone would argue that a deeper voice is more masculine. So why would someone argue that a larger penis is seen more manly by women? Please accept it.

    Women’s Instinctive Need to Reproduce is Satisfied by Big Penises

    Women want a large penis because of its superior genetics.

    A bigger penis enhances a woman’s natural desire to reproduce.

    This is correct for three primary reasons:

    1. To a woman, large penises indicate a man’s fertility.
    2. Copulating with a large penis increases the likelihood of having children.
    3. A son of a man with a large penis has a better probability of breeding in the future.

    The fundamental law of nature states that all species must reproduce and increase in number. Human males, like other animals, are hardwired to hunt for females and impregnate as many as they can. If all males had an equal chance of having children, the human species would quickly decline and eventually become extinct.

    Nature uses a mechanism known as natural selection to maintain the survival and expansion of species. This indicates that only the strongest should survive, while the weak should be marginalized. Because of the survival of the strongest principle, competitiveness has been hard-wired into our basic inclinations.

    Nature’s law states that species must reproduce and develop in number.

    Men are hardwired to seek out women and impregnate as many as they can.

    Degeneration is a possibility!

    Natural selection equals survival of the fittest.

    Sexual selection: women are hardwired to choose genetically superior men in order to produce the strongest kids.

    A larger penis is superior: it has a greater probability of causing conception.

    Men with larger penis are preferred by women.

    Men’s competitiveness.

    Men’s Preoccupation With Penis Size

    Men must impregnate women in order for the species to thrive. This is best accomplished with a penis long enough to deliver sperm deep inside the vagina. As a result, nature trained a woman to seek larger penises simply by allowing her to feel more pleasure during copulation with them. A woman with larger, longer penises is more likely to experience orgasm, and a woman who climaxes while making love is more likely to become pregnant by such a man.

    Because men instinctively know that women like larger penises, they will believe they have fewer chances of copulating if they see or hear about other men with large penises. In other words, individuals believe they can no longer compete, which contradicts their natural nature. As a result, it is natural for males to be concerned about the size of their penis.

    If you don’t think that this biology makes sense then let’s really make it clear…Let’s look at primates as a species and in case you weren’t already aware, you’re a primate, as are the apes.

    Comparing Gorillas and Chimpanzees Shows… That Females Prefer Large Penises……and Large Ejaculations!

    Do you know which primate has the largest penis?

    You can choose, human, gorilla, or chimpanzee and I’ll tell you the answer in a minute.

    Comparing all primates, a female’s predisposed instinct is to prefer a bigger penis.


    Yes, you read that right and it’s not just my theory, it’s something called nature.

    Let’s compare the sexual promiscuity of all primates…

    1. Chimp: sexually promiscuous

    2. Human: somewhat in the middle.

    3. Gorilla and orangutan: devoted and monogamous.

    Now let’s look at penis size…

    1. Humans have the longest and thickest penis.

    2. chimp: in the middle between man and gorilla.

    3. gorilla and orangutan: the smallest (approximately an inch and a half when erect!)

    And let’s now compare size of testicles as well…

    1. Chimp: the largest

    2. Human: in the middle

    3. Gorilla and orangutan: the smallest

    Female gorillas are the most devoted and extremely monogamous in comparison to man and chimpanzees. This means that when a male gorilla has sexual contact with a female, his sperm is never competed with by the sperm of other males. It has ample time and opportunity to fertilize the female. Because there is no sperm competition, even a small drop of sperm ensures that that particular male will be the father of the offspring. That is why gorilla testicles are so little.

    Female chimps, on the other hand, are exceedingly promiscuous. The female will have sperm from at least two or three males inside her vagina at any given time. To be certain that he is the father, a male chimpanzee must ensure that it is his sperm that will impregnate her. What can he do to increase his chances?

    The male must either transport sperm close to the uterus (longer penis) or deliver enormous amounts of sperm (large testicles).

    The fact that gorillas and orangutans have small testicles and penises demonstrates that having large genitals is only advantageous in settings of widespread female promiscuity (as is the case with humans and chimps.)

    Longer penises transfer sperm more efficiently in a vaginal environment that already contains sperm from other males.

    Although chimps are even more promiscuous than humans, the male chimp’s penis is barely half the size of a man’s penis. This demonstrates that human females, in particular, are biologically predisposed to prefer longer and larger penises.

    This makes sense because humans have a significantly more advanced idea of pleasure than other primates. Because a larger penis produces more pleasure, the male with the largest penis has the best chance of being allowed to conceive with the female.

    Men’s disproportionately large testicles are also the result of sexual selection. Men’s testicles are larger than those of gorillas, which have monogamous females. If a guy has bigger balls, he can generate more voluminous and more frequent ejaculations, which are required to fertilize a female who has previously mated with other males.

    The greater the volume and quantity of his sperm, the more likely his sperm will win the race against all the others. This is why women naturally, again we’re talking basic biology, prefer guys who can give huge amounts of sperm and strong ejaculations.

    Females have an innate and fundamental preference for larger genitalia…

    As the saying goes, “the girl can’t help it” – it’s basic biology…As a result, human biology has a need to create a steady supply of bigger penis genetics, enough to keep the average penis size large enough to allow impregnation.

    And all of this works like this so that her progeny can also fertilize other females and thereby pass on her genes.

    Consider the inverse: If women truly preferred a smaller penis it would eventually lead to the extinction of the human species because men’s penises would become so small that they would be unable to ejaculate within the vagina. Think about that for a minute and realize that the “average size” does not deviate significantly, and in fact, throughout human history the penis has been increasing in size.

    Of course you might ask why nature does not produce all men with with large penises if they are so desirable. For one thing, nature may be perfect in its entirety, but not in its individual components. Furthermore, if all males were fully prepared, it could result in such massive penises that they would be worthless for copulation as well. So, while large penises are preferable, smaller penises are required within the gene pool to keep the larger ones from degenerating into huge monster and completely impractical cocks.

    Biologically a woman’s greatest desire and need is to become pregnant. You can throw all the women’s liberation bullshit at me that you want and you can get esoteric if you want, but the fact is, reproduction of our species is the only reason we exist. Therefore, a woman’s instinct is to have children, passing on her DNA to future generations. As a result, her most primal instinct is to become pregnant. That is not an issue because there are plenty of men accessible but it is precisely this that causes a problem: the fact that there are so many men available for sex with her! A woman instinctively understands that any females with whom her future son will mate will be just as promiscuous as herself.

    This means that if her offspring lacks the superior characteristics of large penis and large ejaculation volume, he may never impregnate a female at all. She wants to be certain that if she has any male offspring, he will be the best man around, with superior genes that will allow him to impregnate other women, easily and without significant risk. Keep in mind that the entire goal of living things is to reproduce and you can introduce all the “new age”, humanistic nonsense you want into the argument, the fact of the matter is…

    Everybody wants a big dick because pleasure drives reproduction and getting laid is the only reason we’re here in the first place.